Unique features

The current problem with children's glasses

  • A growing child’s head size effects the wearable life of a frame
  • Too much movement of frames when being worn
  • Frames slide down the nose too easily
  • It is difficult to obtain the perfect pupil distance with children’s frames
  • Ensuring flexibility and durability without compromising comfort

Introducing the TOMATO GLASSES solution and unique features

  • A unique patented nose pad and tips means that TOMATO glasses don't slide down even when kids jump or run.
  • An air circulation groove built into the contact area of the nose pad helps to reduce skin trouble in hot weather.
  • The frame arms/tips are fully adjustable with 6 different settings to enable the exact distance to be achieved from nose to ear ensuring a perfect fit to each child’s head.
  • Very light frames weighing only 7g to 8g. With this lightness comes comfort.
  • Made with shape intelligent TR90 materials provides excellent frame flexibility and durability.
  • Very robust and resilient to endure the lifestyle of a child.