Prescription Lenses

We offer 4 types of single vision lenses for our customers as follows:

  1. Freeform Standard Lenses: 1.5
  2. Freeform Optimised Lenses - Stage 1 Thin: 1.61 (20% THINNER LENS)
  3. Freeform Optimised Lenses - Stage 2 Premium: 1.67 (30% THINNER)
  4. Freeform Optimised Lenses - Stage 3 Ultra: 1.74 (40% THINNER)
204.00 AED
337.00 AED
449.00 AED
688.00 AED

All of our lenses also include the following additional features:

  • Full UV protection 
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-glare
  • Scratch resistant
  • Smudge resistant
  • Water repellent

We also provide transition lenses, polarized sunglasses and various other options upon special request - just email us for more information if you have a special lens requirement.

Our lenses provide wider fields of vision to your child by providing edge-to-edge clarity across the entire lens to ensure that your child is always seeing through their prescription to maximize the corrective function of their glasses.

We have partnered with a state of the art laboratory equipped with machinery from optical equipment experts Schneider and Satisloh from Germany.

We use the the VEGA Lens brand which is German designed lens and offers premium lens technology which is a perfect match to TOMATO GLASSES' mission "to provide the best eyewear solution to children."

Please note: this lens price is only applicable to prescriptions within the following ranges below. If your child's prescription is outside this prescription range please email us for a tailored lens quotation:

Sphere (SPH): between -5 to +5.0

Cylinder (CYL): between -3.0 to zero

Axis (AXS): between 0 to 180

We also offer more premium lens brands such as EGMA and Rodenstock which we can provide you with a quotation for prior to confirming your order. To enquire about our full range of lens options simply email us or whatsapp us on +971528439800.