About us

When my son (Esa Raza) at 1 years of age was diagnosed with quite a severe case of strabismus and a strong eye prescription of +6.5 coupled with a stigmatism it was then that the founder of TOMATO GLASSES MIDDLE EAST (Nausheen Raza) embarked on a search for finding the right glasses for her 1 year old son.... And the search was tiresome and not as straight forward as she thought which led her to initially purchase a popular children's eye-wear brand which promised to be super flexible and comfortable for your child to wear whilst not having to worry about the frames breaking with the irrational pair of hands that a child brings to bear on an object as most young children feel that glasses are initially an intrusion on their faces which is one factor which can lead to the challenge of getting them to keep them on!

This was just one of many challenges that we faced with my sons glasses; but one that was really noticeable was the fitment of the frames on his small head and nose which meant the frames sat on his face in such a way that they didn't actually enable him to have the right viewing experience of the world due to the frames not being able to sit on his nose and maintain the right pupil distance vertically and horizontally.

So, after an exhaustive search and trials with two different brand of frames approximately one year later we came across TOMATO GLASSES which was an up and coming children's eye-wear product manufactured in South Korea. The product was perfect conceptually where it promised to provide non-slip, flexible and adjustable glasses... Not only was it conceptually perfect but when our son tried on his first pair the difference was blatantly obvious... And he (Esa) has been a wearer of TOMATO GLASSES ever since... People would often ask us where we purchased his glasses from as they are so different to what is available in the market so his mother Nausheen commenced distribution across the Middle East market in 2016..